Good Samaritan helps Quebec homeless family

Good Samaritan helps Quebec homeless family

Sept-Îles (Quebec) 3 April 2015 – Since today is Good Friday we thought we’d post a story about a good deed done by a special person for a family in need.

Last Saturday in the city of Sept-Iles, up the north coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a family lost all its belongings due to a fire which erupted in their wooden structured apartment block. A citizen of the town, Marie-Eve Poulin, who obviously has a heart of gold, decided upon herself to open a Facebook page in order for people from the area to respond and offer their help in any way they could.

Turned out however that none of the affected victims of the fire contacted the Facebook page to ask for help, even though the residents were offering all sorts of furniture and necessary items. Mme Poulin didn’t give up. She decided at this point to contact the local Red Cross who were on the scene to help whoever they could. At the Red Cross there was only one family, parents and their 10 year old daughter, who had turned to the agency for help.

Together with the Red Cross, Marie-Eve set up a dropping off point where donors could leave whatever items they had to help the now homeless family of three.

In the end the stricken family had enough furniture to refurnish a new residence.

Bravo to the young Marie-Eve Poulin who was there as a friend indeed, for a family in need.

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