Got the Dumb

Got the Dumb

More confessions of an exuberant reactionary from our erstwhile, Eastern Townships-dwelling columnist Sheila Q…

Confessions of an Exuberant Reactionary

In which the Life-in-Q readers are treated to more of my nonsense.  It’s like Turkish Delight.  You’re Edmund.  You get the picture.

Confession #2 – GOT THE DUMB?

Aw crap, I’m getting dumber.

Wait, what the Sam Hill?!  Forty’s approaching this fall, I’m a dame, I’m supposed to be hitting my STRIDE.  You can tell, however, by that great ‘zombies are chasing me whilst I sport fishnets’ shot that I’m (as usual) chasing my stride, not hitting it.  Exubereacting yet again. 

Sidenote:  I have torn virtually every pair of pantyhose I have ever worn on the first wear (sometimes with a thumb thrust through as I was putting them on) – except that one pair, worn as I really was being chased by zombies thanks to an immersion gaming event (hosted by Herole – wherein I played myself, roving reporter Sheila Q.  I mean, I fell on the ground!  Got shot by countless Nerf bullets!  RAN!  But nary a run in those fishnets.  Remarkable.

But, I digress. 

We’re here today to discuss THE DUMB.

I’m a thinker, a sharer, a debater by nature.  In the past, I’m fairly certain that I thought my speed of response was in high cahoots with lightning skills of deduction.  That might, however, have actually been a crap shoot – the luck of the draw!  More of an ability to pull a card from the deck that at least made sense in response, but was probably not necessarily all that well thought out or researched.

An example of my reflexes:

Topic brought forth by Citizen A:

‘Blue cheese is good.’

Sheila Q.’s rapid speed exubereaction:


Hang on that’s a poor example.  After accidentally eating a clump of blue cheese wrapped in Filo pastry some time later it turns out I acquired a taste for it.  The foods of non-consumption on Sheila Q.’s list now consist solely of fruit cake and Bailey’s.  Okay, okay, instead of an example I’ll just briefly make it make sense.

I thought I knew some stuff.  It turns out I don’t, and am wrong a lot.

When I had this thought, I shared it.  So, of course, my friend Mo (Maral Verma) of the Mysterious and Amazing South Shore (of Montreal) Gang made himself a t-shirt of my epiphany.  He calls this look ‘brown steel’.

‘I’m dumber than all of you, and I’m wrong A LOT.’

Foolish bizz you say?  What does this have to do with Life in Quebec you say?  Well, yes it is, and EVERYTHING.  With the amount of time that I spend charging around this province (particularly the bellybutton of the universe that is the Eastern Townships of Quebec), my dumbness is directly linked to life here – and don’t you feel it too, fellow Quebeckers, fellow Earth-dwellers?

I don’t think I thought I knew it all…but I thought I knew a fair amount.  I was pretty confident in my awareness skills, fact retention and the link.  Too often though, we think we’re pretty smart. 

Take evolution for example – come on, I mean, it’s pretty easy to make the progression from Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens Sapiens and decide that WE are the highest evolved, smartest, and that upright man walking is all that and a bag of (insert your fave snack food here) and that’s just how that works.  How do we really know, comparatively speaking, if we’re really that much smarter?  I’ll bet ol’ Homo Antecessor was pretty resourceful, had some deep thoughts, and whatnot.

We have all of this great technology, all of this evolution shazam-o superpowers and what do we do?  Upload videos of ourselves twerking.  Okay, we do other great things too, like develop G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. (Yes, I’m inspiring you to do a little research.  I was a high school librarian for four years – don’t expect me just to give you all of the answers.)

So that’s it guys – I feel like I know less….or there’s more to know…or I have to adapt my ideas, or learn more.  In the admission of non-smarts lies the bare bottom that Pandora taught us about – HOPE.  Sit back, relax and remind yourself how little you really know.  Let that be a reset button to you. 

Now go!  The world is your brand new oyster!  What?!  You don’t like oysters?

Maybe you haven’t tried them yet.

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