Government wants to increase number of students per classroom

Government wants to increase number of students per classroom

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 December 2014 – The provincial Government has recently announced they would like to increase the number of students per classroom by about 3-5 students depending on the demand and teaching capacities.

In 2009 the government in power reduced the number of desks per class with the intention of improving the success rate per student by supposedly allowing the teachers involved to give more attention to each student. The plan hasn’t worked because the success rate has not improved over the last 6 years.

The new plan would put about 30 to 32 students in a class as compared to the average 28 at the present time. It would be directed to students from the third year primary up to second year high school.

The government claims that the present system is costing the education ministry about $179 million extra a year across the province.

The Teacher’s unions are contesting the move saying that the extra workload could affect the quality of teaching and may also be difficult to maintain as most classes now have special needs children who are integrated into the regular classroom curriculum.

They are afraid those children may not receive all the special attention they need if the classes are too large.

Their spokesperson was heard saying that it would be like going back ten years.

The government and the unions will be negotiating the new desired set of rules in the coming months.

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