“Grand Bleu du Nord” Amphitheatre Concept Unveiled

“Grand Bleu du Nord” Amphitheatre Concept Unveiled

Quebec City (Quebec) October 26, 2014 – As construction of the new ampthitheatre advances, more details are being unveiled of what citizens will be able to expect from the massive project. One such recently-unveiled new tidbit is the massive art piece that will greet amphitheatre-goers as they enter the building.

Called the “Grand bleu du nord”, the piece is a massive, interactive wall of white and blue lights that will represent a snowstorm of varying intensity depending on the number of people in the main hall. Slated to cost 400,000$ (already accounted for in the overall amphitheatre budget), the massive, 11m-by-35m art piece will cover a large wall behind two crossing escalators, offering the full experience to those going up or down to their seats for shows and sporting events within the amphitheatre.

The “Grand bleu” was conceived by Jonathan Villeneuve, a Montréal-based designer and self-professed hockey nut, and won over the selection committee charged with selecting the key art piece.  The work’s interactive wall of lights celebrates both the city’s commitment to technological development as well as its winter culture.  In a nod to the highly-anticipated eventual return of the Nordiques hockey team, Mayor Régis Labeaume noted that the colour scheme (white and blue) was a very fortuitous coincidence.

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