Grand Prix Cycliste is Back for Next Four Years

Grand Prix Cycliste is Back for Next Four Years

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 March 2015 – The  Grand Prix Cycliste will take place as usual this year in Québec City and is guaranteed to take place on this city’s streets until 2018. There was some doubt last fall as to whether or not the event would take place this year because of financing. As it turns out the city, together with the province and Ottawa, have come up with $4 million to hold the race in conjunction with the same circuit as Montréal. The first stage will be in Québec City on Friday September 11, followed by the second stage in Montréal on Sunday September 13.

The course the race will follow in Québec City has not yet been determined since last year Gilmour Hill was closed causing the race to take a different route. Normally Gilmour Hill would be part of the competion’s route, but this will have to be determined for this year. The two competions are the only two races approved by the Union Cycliste Internationale that take place in North America.

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