Grandpa’s Not a Cash Cow and Grandma Won’t Take Any Bull!

Grandpa’s Not a Cash Cow and Grandma Won’t Take Any Bull!

By François Jobin and Directed by Marie-Claude Hénault
Centre d’art La Chapelle, 620, rue Plante, Québec G1M 3R5
Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 @ 3pm — $5.00

This play will be presented in English at 3pm and in French at 8pm.

Our play as, its title suggests, gives us a glimpse into the world of Elder Abuse.  These seven vignettes although light in manner, deliver a strong message.

The cast, made up of Seniors, has enjoyed working with this production and subscribe wholly to its contents.

Awareness of Elder Abuse – it’s time to speak out and spread the word.

This play is wonderful for all ages as it touches everyone – the children who have possibly witnessed abuse – caregivers who are perhaps unaware of the effect of “simple abuse” – and family members who must provide care for their aging relatives.



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