Great Start for BBQ Fest!

Great Start for BBQ Fest!

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 June 2015 – BBQ lovers feasted in great numbers Friday noon. A culinary event named in honor of this summer cooking method started in style near Espace 400e.

“We expected a big weekend grill!” Launched the organizer Alex Caron, visibly pleased to see so many people fond of BBQ when the doors opened Friday morning.

Faced with such popularity, extra chairs and tables were commissioned to accommodate everyone. “Last year we had 25,000 people and we think that it will follow this year!” he added.

A total of 25 exhibitors and 9 food trucks, including the popular Pied de Cochon, salivate visitors until Sunday. “We want to represent the atmosphere of the BBQ, the terrace outside, we take a beer with friends, this is trying to get here,” Caron said.

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