Great start to 2017 for Quebec City employment

Great start to 2017 for Quebec City employment

The unemployment rate in the Quebec census metropolitan area (CMA) remains one of the lowest in Canada, at 4.3% for the month of January.

The employment statistics released on Friday confirm once again the economic vitality of the Quebec City area.

In January, 1,300 jobs were created for a total of 446,600. Therefore, the year 2017 is beginning amazingly for employment in the region.

By way of comparison, the unemployment rate in Quebec City was 5.1% in January 2016.

“The region of Quebec has an unemployment rate below the 5% mark for the tenth consecutive month,” said Louis Gagnon, Senior Economist for Québec International.


The services sector is largely responsible for the creation of jobs in January.

“We see an improvement in employment on the insurance and financial side, as well as on the transportation and warehousing side. These sectors had slowed in 2016 and started to rise again in the second half of the year, and the upward trend seems likely to continue,” explained Mr. Gagnon.

The recreational tourism sector also has favorable prospects. The end of the year was marked by the opening of a major attraction in Quebec City, namely the Bora Parc water park and the Valcartier hotel, which generated several new jobs.

“On the building and manufacturing side, there is stability, but the need for labor is expected to begin in March with the preparation of large building sites.”

For the labor force, the Quebec CMA recorded a 0.3% increase in January compared to the previous month.

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