Green Party of Canada Looking for Quebec Candidates

Green Party of Canada Looking for Quebec Candidates

We received this in our mailbox today and thought it of interest.
We would like to state that here at, we are not affiliated to, nor do we support, any political party.
We do feel that as we live in a democracy, this should be shared…

Green Party of Canada  Looking for Candidates


I am pleased to inform you that the Green Party of Canada is looking for candidates in Quebec for the coming general election.

If politics, the environment and being involved in your community are important to you, then becoming a candidate will satisfy all these needs.

Please feel free to communicate with me for more information and please don’t hesitate to transmit my contact details to anyone you think would be interested in receiving information about this matter.


Lynette Tremblay
Quebec Organizer
Green Party of Canada
Lynette Tremblay

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