Green Roof Music Events

Green Roof Music Events


December 19, 2012  A Winter’s Solstice – “Throw the Yule Log On Uncle John!” 

January 22, 2013 –  A Robbie Burns New Year

February19, 2013 – Adoration and Despair: The many faces of Love

March 19, 2013 Ceilidh  – yes, with dancing

April 23, 2013  – Cherry Blossom Special  – Haiku Hijinx

To attend or perform in any of these cultural salons, please contact Kasia Borkowska  at 581-700-2424 or Mary Linklater at 418-208-0181.  Each event is limited to 30 people so call now!  All events take place at the US Consulate on rue de la Terrace Dufferin – under the green roof!

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