Grondines’ Christmas Parade Going on 20 Years

Grondines’ Christmas Parade Going on 20 Years

Grondines’ Santa parade celebrates its 20 years this year. The participants in the parade are anxious for December 24 to come because it will be the only one in the entire province that night.

According to Yves Sauvageau, the organization committee president for this event, between 15 and 20 decorated cars will be circulating again this year in the municipality’s streets.

The volunteers have been speeding up for a while for the preparation of the cars. There is a lot of work. Generators must be installed for the lighting. The course taken by the parade will also be illuminated for the occasion as well as many homes.

The parade grew since the beginning 20 years ago. A group of friends had decided on Christmas day to decorate a tree, to use a sleigh for Santa and to circulate in the streets of Grondines.

No one knew about this in the entire village and they were surprised to see a lighted tree pass by.

A committee has then formed and three years later. A Christmas Eve for the entire population was added, at first at the Vieux Moulin and then at the Centre des Roches. The first year, more than 130 people came. Since the event was transferred to the Centre des Roches, 150 people get together after the parade for a buffet and a party with music and dance as well as a gift distribution.

Mr. Sauvageau revealed that at least three more cars are added to the parade this year. About 100 people will animate the parade. The parade lasts about 150 minutes and will begin at the Garage Fernand Arcand at 8 pm to go on Delorme road and end on Chemin Sir-Lomer-Gouin.

A good crowd is usually at the parade, the number of spectators vary with the weather. Last week, there were still a couple tickets for the Christmas Eve buffet and evening. Reservations at 418 268-4831 or 418 268-8042.

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