Gruesome story of girlfriend abuse

Gruesome story of girlfriend abuse

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 September 2014 – A 33 year old man is in court today in Quebec City for having beaten, starved and restrained two women who he had met through an on-line dating service. He quickly convinced the girls, on separate occasions, to come and live with him soon after meeting them and would then hold them captive in his home where he would beat them, abuse them and even starve them forcing them to lose weight.

The two women were, according to the accused Pascal Bédard, easy to manipulate because they were vulnerable due to the fact that they were overweight making it easier for him to show compassion but having an ulterior motive. He forced the first girl to deposit her pay cheque in his personal bank account allowing him to live off her money and he deprived both girls from eating so they would lose weight, which they both did in the region of 80 to 100 pounds.

The first girl, who endured the abuse for 7 months managed to escape her captor by asking for help from someone at her work and immediately took a bus to Montreal to return to her family.

The second woman, who had been forced into prostitution by M. Bédard lived with him for 11 months before she was able to escape when she met her mother in a shopping centre. The money collected from her prostitution experiences was pocketed by M. Bédard directly and at times he even filmed the acts for his own use.

Pascal Bédard will be facing charges of profiting from prostitution, abuse of an individual and assault causing bodily harm and could be facing 4 years behind bars.

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