Guy Turcotte murder trial – take two

Guy Turcotte murder trial – take two

St. Jerome (Quebec) 15 September 2015 – One of the more well known murder trials to have ever taken place in Quebec is about to get underway for a second time as the first attempt ended in a mistrial because of some judicial misinterpretations by the judge.

Guy Turcotte, a medical doctor was accused in 2009 of killing his two young children and then attempting to take his own life by swallowing some antifreeze. The case went to trial and because of the poor judgement from the then presiding judge, M. Turcotte was released and is presently free.

The whole province followed the trial last year and had pretty much come to the conclusion that M. Turcotte was guilty.

When he was released back into society the news was shocking both for the population and for his wife.

Those involved in the new trial which is getting underway this week are Judge André Vincent, crown lawyers, Me René Verret and Me Maria Albanese, and the two original defense lawyers, the brothers Me Pierre and Me Guy Poupart.

The jury selection for the second trial has started but, will be difficult, due to the fact that most people in Quebec are aware of the circumstances, as the first case was highly publicized.

The impartiality of the jurors is crucial so the jury selection process has called upon 1,650 different people who will be screened and tested for their knowledge regarding the case.

Most likely, 14 names will be withheld to serve as jurors.

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