Harassment and death threats could fetch 15 months behind bars

Harassment and death threats could fetch 15 months behind bars

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 April 2015 – An individual by the name of Robert Mitchell has once again found himself before the courts for having harassed and uttering death threats to certain politicians from the area.

In 2012 Mr. Mitchell was found guilty of making death threats on behalf of, then Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest. After appearing in court for that incident M. Mitchell was sentenced to three years probation after serving five months in detention.

As if that wasn’t enough or at least a lesson in respect, M. Mitchell was once again in court this week for basically the same charges; this time for having harassed a MNA, Marc Picard, a CAQ deputy in the National Assembly in 2014.

M. Mitchell entered M. Picard’s regional office in Chutes-de-la Chaudière demanding to be reimbursed for being a victim of an accident but, the conversation quickly turned into a loud and threatening speech by M. Mitchell where he ended up claiming he would be better off if he entered the courthouse or the National Assembly with a gun and got shot and killed by police.

M. Mitchell mentioned during the encounter with M. Picard that maybe, “the best way to get attention would be to enter the National Assembly with a machine gun in order to have his rights recognized”.

For the new threats and harassment charges the crown attorneys are asking for a 15 month jail term for the accused.

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