Harley-Davidson Complex Built in Quebec

Harley-Davidson Complex Built in Quebec

Having built his new Harley-Davidson mega-store, the owner, Laurent Prémont, is also planning to open a hotel with similar bold lines.

As surprising as the new building may seem, the hotel project will be even more striking, with its concept and modern architecture.

Mr. Prémont is on the cusp of bringing the largest Harley-Davidson complex in the world, to Quebec.

He owns 325,000 square feet of land bordering Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand. 

M. Prémont plans to install a pool on the roof and align it with a mega-club. The hotel is slated to be built just behind the Harley complex, benefitting from the view from La Capitale highway.

The zoning limits the construction to six floors, but the motorcycle merchant wishes to modify this regulation to be able to build up to ten floors. The plans were not cancelled but the hotel will be as impressive as the current building. It will not, however, have the Harley-Davidson logo according to the American company.

Laurent Prémont employs about a hundred people, investing up to $20million dollars for the new mega-centre, which he presents as a building with the latest technology with its automatic and geothermic installations. The complex will even have its own bar-restaurant, and a grill, which should be operational in mid-October. Jazz, rock, and blues shows will be presented in an original retro decor.

Laurent Prémont evaluates that since the complex’s opening, two weeks ago, about 10,000 people have already been through the doors.

People come from all around Quebec and even Ontario. Just like the exterior, the interior offers a spectacular glance at modernity which contrasts with traditional motorcycle shops. The furniture is custom made, 1,200 led lights hanging from the ceiling, a panoramic elevator, a column holding 12 televisions, and no there are no cabins but rather dressing salons with screens projecting the latest Harley-Davidson fashions.

Next week, the 25,000 square foot exhibition floor welcomes the 33 new 2013 Harley-Davidson models, from the small 883cc to the 1800cc.

The American company is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year.

Much space is also destined for items, more than 30,000 of them actually, all sporting the popular brand’s colours: clothes, bed sheets and covers, Christmas decorations, luggage, golf accessories, and jewellery. 

Now that will be something worth seeing.
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