He Shoots, He Scores – I Hate Hockey Competition

He Shoots, He Scores – I Hate Hockey Competition

It’s competition time again and this time, we have a copy of the newly-released ‘I Hate Hockey’ to give away.
Read on to find out what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a copy.

Local translator Peter McCambridge looks to have scored a hit with his translation of François Barcelo’s dark but comic thriller J’haïs le hockey. I Hate Hockey is published by Baraka Books of Montreal. LifeinQuebec.com went for a morning skate and then a quick-fire shootout interview with the translator.

Shot No. 1

LifeinQuebec skates right up to the goalie and slides the puck low and into the net. 1–0!

LIQ: So do you need to hate hockey to read I Hate Hockey?

PMC: Not at all! But the novel is dark… very dark. I like to say that if it was a chocolate bar it would be 99% cocoa. So it’s not just that the narrator hates hockey—he hates life in general and everyone around him. And since most people in Quebec love hockey, this quickly drives a wedge between him and his friends and family.

Shot No. 2

McCambridge unleashes a wrist shot that there’s no stopping—but hits the pipe! 1–0!

LIQ: Is it a hockey novel then?

PMC: First and foremost, I Hate Hockey is a dark comedy. The French call it a roman noir, which tends to be a dark, hard-boiled thriller in English. Noir is a genre that exists in English too, and not just for movies. Probably the most important thing to understand about noir is that it’s about losers, not private eyes. And the narrator of I Hate Hockey sure is a loser.

Shot No. 3

LifeinQuebec goes five-hole. 2–0!

LIQ: What makes him such a loser?

PMC: Here’s what happens in the book: Antoine Vachon—our narrator—blames hockey for his divorce. Now he’s living in a crummy apartment above a closed-down gas station. His son’s hockey coach is found dead and Antoine is browbeaten into coaching the hockey team for the evening. From there, the book turns into a bit of a whodunit… and things quickly go from bad to really, really bad.

Shot No. 4

McCambridge goes five-hole himself. And quickly regrets it. 2–0!

LIQ: Poor guy. He doesn’t sound that bad…

PMC: Antoine is a racist, chauvinist pig. But the cool thing about the book is that you end up rooting for him all the way through. And just as soon as you start thinking he’s not that bad, he lets you down again. But you definitely feel attached to him, despite all his flaws.

Shot No. 5

LifeinQuebec makes no mistake with its third shot, easily sealing the win! 3-0!

LIQ: Well, that wasn’t much of a contest. Before I go, what makes it a comedy then?

PMC: As I was translating it, I was definitely laughing away to myself. The thing that stands out for me is that the novel is a fast, fun read. And there’s something fun about following our hapless narrator and watching him put two and two together and get five all the time. 

The Competition

To win a copy of I Hate Hockey, just tell us what the narrator’s last name is.
Email your answer (and your contact details) via the Contact Life in Quebec page. 

This competition runs from noon, Monday 20th February 2012 until Midnight Saturday 31st March 2012.

All correct entries will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn at random.

The judges’ decision is final.

You can find out more about I Hate Hockey on the Baraka Books website and at facebook.com/ihatehockey. The book is available from all good bookstores and direct from the publisher and, of course, AngloStore, the English bookstore at Place Naviles, Quebec City.

Good luck.

“The literary equivalent of a sudden-death shootout—tense, unpredictable, and over before you know it.”— www.thehockeywriters.com

AngloStore’s I Hate Hockey page.

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