Health workers in Quebec setting up helpline to report hospital abuse

Health workers in Quebec setting up helpline to report hospital abuse

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 August 2015 – With so much patient abuse being reported from homes for the elderly and long term health facilities, the health workers union has just installed a phone line (1-844-FIQ-AIDE) that can be used by patients and employees alike in complete confidentiality. The health workers union FIQ (Fédération interprofessionelle de la santé du Quebec) is concerned that some of its members have either lost their jobs or been suspended for having reported certain patient abuse in their corresponding work places.

Relatives of family members can also use the line to report matters which they feel are somewhat suspicious concerning the care of their loved ones, whether it be a home where they are living or even by a hospital where they may be receiving healthcare services.

The cases of reports of patient abuse in old age homes has been on the rise in the province and the FIQ wants its members protected if and when they report abuse by a co-worker or if another patient abuses another. The information reported through the dedicated phone line will be strictly confidential and treated in complete privacy.

Any action needed as a follow up or investigation will be acted upon by the union and will be handled in a professional manner.

A phone line is far easier to control than an on-line service where anyone can access the information.

The FIQ and its 66,000 members are in negotiation these days with the government to renew their contract.

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