Healthcare revamp leaves lots of questions unanswered

Healthcare revamp leaves lots of questions unanswered

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 January 2015 – The final stages of the new health care budget restrictions known as ‘Bill 10’, are coming up soon but, the people working in the various hospitals around Quebec City are still in a quandary as to which departments are going to move or change, and or whether or not their jobs will still be there next spring.

The big change appears to be in who will pay for what and on whose budget.

Right now, most of the hospital budgets are placed squarely on the shoulders of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) but, there is a new banner called, Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS) which the government wants to budget under, integrating some of the medical services with certain social programs that would combine things like war veterans residences and some mental health requirements.

The new service would reduce the managing and administration costs of the now separate entities.

It probably won’t change the areas where certain employees work a great deal but, there are always the rumours and assumptions that maybe some jobs could be lost or that some employees may have to change vocations to continue working.

The new structure could see things like geriatrics being transferred to social services instead of hospitals, depending on the requirements.

The government is giving itself until October 1st to clarify and conclude its changes.

In the meantime, the rumours and questions will circulate unabated, until everyone finally knows where they’ll be working or transferred to, or if they will even be working at all.

Like in all democratic governments, changes take time, with consultations from unions, employees and budgets alike.

Everyone potentially affected by this is waiting for Dr Gaétan Barrette’s next move.

Watch this space for updates on the Quebec healthcare reform situation.

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