Heat Wave to Last Until Thursday

Heat Wave to Last Until Thursday

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 August 2015 – Temperatures in Québec are expected to top 30 degrees Celsius through to Thursday in a late-summer heat wave. The average temperature for this period of the year is roughly 25 degrees.

This heat wave comes after a few weeks of unseasonably cool temperatures throughout Québec, so the higher temperatures may prove a net positive for some who have been longing to enjoy the summer. The hotter temperatures will also come with high levels of humidity, which could push the temperature felt by humans to over 40 degrees in some parts of the province.

Nighttime temperatures are still expected to drop to around 20 degrees, making for comfortable sleeping. Open windows and good ventilation will help those living in homes without air conditioning cool off at night after the warm days.

The heat wave is expected to include bouts of rain.

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