Heidi Levasseur ready to swim across Atlantic

Heidi Levasseur ready to swim across Atlantic

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 July 2015 – She just finished swimming from Montreal to Quebec City last week and now she wants to be the first woman to swim the Atlantic from Canada to Europe. Heidi Levasseur says she feels at home in the water and swimming for her has become a so natural that her friends are calling her Quebec’s mermaid (la sirène du Québec).

After her swim from Longueuil on the south shore of Montreal, to Lévis, opposite Quebec City, a distance of 250km, Heidi was all smiles and said she could have continued without a problem.

Heidi however is looking forward to bigger and better things and is preparing for that 5,000 km swim across the Atlantic; in fact, the only thing holding her up is financing.

She has a team of people who are ready to take on the adventure but needs funding of up to about $500,000 to be able to organize and carry out the endeavour which should take three to five months to complete.

It has always been a dream for Heidi, who hails from Cap Rouge in Quebec City, and she is up for the challenge, both physically and mentally. Being realistic, she hopes to achieve her dream goal in 2018.

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