Hells Angels bunkers being confiscated

Hells Angels bunkers being confiscated

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 May 2015 – Back in 2009 during a drug raid called SharQc, police forces from around the province rounded up a good number of drug traffickers most of which were associated with a branch of a Hells Angels club.

During the raid two of the clubs, call them “Bunkers”, were taken over by the province and now six years later the city of Lévis wants to acquire the building that is on their municipal land to recuperate the $75,000 in back taxes owed to them.

The province has not paid the municipal taxes on the building since it was confiscated in 2009.

The mayor of Lévis, M. Lehouillier would like to simply have the bunker turned over to the city so they could demolish it and sell the land, which is classified as industrial, and get back or even make some money for the city.

The building is slated for demolition by the provincial government, which would leave the land vacant in any case.

Discussions between the City of Lévis and the Quebec public prosecutor are underway to see who gets what share of what and how the property will be regulated. The particular bunker in Lévis contains three plots of land which the city would love to have back in their possession.

As for the second bunker in Trois-Rivières, it has also been confiscated by the government.

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