Here Comes Santa And His……….Horses!

Here Comes Santa And His……….Horses!

Submitted by Elizabeth Davies

Le club équestre Les Randonneurs de St-Lambert in collaboration with  Les Chevaliers de Colomb is holding its annual Santa Claus Parade with horses of all shapes, colours and sizes. An event that has been held for over 15 years!

Come admire the noble Percherons, the  imposing Belgians along with many other magnificent breeds of riding horses decorated in their holiday gear! The effervescent procession through the streets of the village brings joy to all  with mascots, clowns, and of course jolly Santa being pulled by a Canadian horse.

Treats and teddies are generously distributed  to onlookers of all ages throughout the parade!

Where: Saint Lambert-de-Lauzon , on the south shore of Quebec City only 15 minutes from the Pierre Laporte Bridge. Take Robert Cliche Highway towards St-Georges de Beauce (73), then take the 115 exit Saint Lambert, turn right and there you are!  You will be on the main street of the village. The departure of the parade is at City Hall, which is just before the the shopping centre upon arriving. Next it is suggested to go to the IGA parking lot(at the shopping centre) to see the parade or if children wish to  have the opportunity to hop onto the hay wagon ride, which is on a “first come first serve” basis, they must arrive before 1:00.

When: Sunday, December 11th at 1:00

Children can come for a hay wagon ride and be part of the parade, but you must arrive early!

For further details call Elizabeth at 418-977-0620.

*Please note that parade will be postponed to the following Sunday if weather is tempestuous!

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