High number of ATV deaths a concern for police in Quebec

High number of ATV deaths a concern for police in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 July 2015 – Summer brings out new challenges for police departments when it comes to accidental deaths, and other than drownings, there is also the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) accidents causing death that has become a concern.

The latest death this week on Ile d’Orleans, has brought the number of deaths on ATV’s this year to 15 which is worrisome for police and the various ATV clubs around the province. Normally there are about 20 ATV related deaths a year in the province and the 15 already reported this summer is causing concern as we are only half way into the season.

It was reported in the two most recent casualties that the victims were not wearing helmets, which is mandatory, and police cannot reiterate often enough that the wearing of a helmet can save lives.

According to police, most ATV deaths are from head fractures and if people wore those helmets the number of fatalities could be reduced by 15 or 16 a year.

One of the three deaths which occurred in the last week involved an 11-year old girl who was riding on an ATV being driven by a boy of only 13 years of age.

The director of Quebec’s Quad ATV Federation Danny Gagnon, is astounded at the number of accidents and states that there needs to be a serious education program implemented to inform people of the dangers involved in controlling and driving an ATV, some of which are now almost as big and manoeuvrable as a small car but much less stable.

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