High school student asked to undress for drug search

High school student asked to undress for drug search

Neufchatel (Quebec) 20 February 2015 – The story of a 15 year old high school girl who was asked to remove her clothes so she could be searched for drugs is becoming somewhat of a dramatic media splurge in the city and across the country.

The girl was asked to remove her clothing by two female teachers in a private enclosure so that they could check if she wasn’t hiding some drugs on her person. She had been suspected of trafficking drugs in her school.

In the province of Quebec it is apparently permitted by law to do such a search if teachers have some suspicions about weapons or drug use. In this particular case however, the girl claimed she had been stripped naked and felt like she was being raped of her rights as a student. The newspaper, Journal de Quebec went with the story and everything started to be blown out of proportion after that.

The difficulty now, for the Government and the school system, is whether or not the practice of searching students less than 18 years of age, should be legal or if the law should be changed. The most popular suggestion is to have the police called in if there is a quandary as to the behaviour of a particular student, rather than have the school direction undertake the responsibility themselves.

The premier of the province, Philippe Couillard, and the minister of education, Yves Bolduc want to know the exact facts on the matter before they reach a decision.

The premier is ready to abolish the practice once the present situation is cleared up but, doesn’t want to make a hasty decision based on media reaction and hearsay.

It all falls under the “rights and freedoms acts” on a provincial and federal level and has now become a major concern for all schools across the country. Ontario for example, has never allowed school authorities to frisk or search a student for any reason, leaving such cases to be handled by local police departments.

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