High School Students on South Shore Use More Technology in Class

High School Students on South Shore Use More Technology in Class

A new program has been implemented in Horizon High School. Now, with Déclic, students have the opportunity to go through their whole high school experience using information technology as tools. This program contributes to integration and student achievement. 

42 students enrolled in Déclic last year. Now in eighth grade, one of them says that the look of this safe formula, a class and three teachers, was an important argument in the decision making process. 

A year later, they have just started their second year in the program and intend to continue until the end of high school. They also see the financial advantage of having to buy less textbooks, not having to carry a bunch of stuff from one end of the school to the other all the time, and they are almost always assigned to the same room. 


Although there are a few programs of this type, the program is unique on the South Shore. The idea is to teach particular academic subjects by mixing them. To do this, three teachers provide seven of the nine subjects in the curriculum. One deals with mathematics and science, the other has French and world social and ethics, and ultimately, there is an english teacher assigned to the group.  

People are not there for a computer course but rather for a new learning method. There are many benefits for students, particularly regarding the relationships created between students and teachers as two teachers see the same students for 25 of the 36 periods listed in the schedule. It also appears that the method helps to capture the attention of students and also helps young people who have more organizational difficulties. 

The program is gaining popularity. Not only do young people join the program in the eighth grade, but this year, the group of new students has increased by 27%, from 21 to 29 students per class. 

The program is open to all students of the Commission scolaire des Navigateurs.

An open house will be held on October 2nd at 7pm.

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