Hiring practices at new Videotron Arena being questioned

Hiring practices at new Videotron Arena being questioned

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 June 2015 – The head of the employees union for the Expo Cité site, where the new hockey arena has been built, is upset over the somewhat questionable new hire practices going on for the hiring of the employees who will be manning the new centre.

Jean Gagnon, the union leader, claims that Québecor and AEG are not offering the new jobs to the already existing personnel that work at Expo Cité. He claims to have been excluded from any meetings and conversations concerning the jobs available since April 8th, when the hiring process got under way.

M. Gagnon was not told about a job fair by Levy Restaurants that was held for the hiring of restaurant and bar workers earlier in June and just found out through the grapevine about another one being held by AEG in July for ground and crowd control jobs.

He claims his union members should have been told about the opportunities and should have first pick when it comes to procuring the new jobs. According to M. Gagnon his employees have the experience of already working at the old Colisée Pepsi and would normally have the chance to at least apply for the new postings.

Expo-Cité employs 150 people at the present time, mostly temporary, and he calculates there would probably be about 50 new jobs at the new Amphitheatre. Québecor denies the accusations and claims that M. Gagnon has been contacted through several e-mails since April 8th.

When he left the hiring meeting held March 26 in Montreal he also had some harsh words for Québecor stating that he couldn’t understand how an arena, built with public money, could be run by private companies such as Levy Restaurants (Chicago) and AEG, Ticketmaster and Live Nation (California) all companies that are not even Canadian.

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