Homestaging – Expense or Investment?

Homestaging – Expense or Investment?

By: Diva Decors ReDesign & Home Staging 

You want to sell your property and someone in the know suggested you think about Home Staging? You say you don’t want to spend money on something you’re selling. If that’s your attitude, you’re making a huge mistake! 

Merchandise for sale needs to be prepared as such. If you have ever sold or exchanged a car or truck, you certainly cleaned it up, took out the empty coffee cup, washed the windows, etc. And yet your vehicle began depreciating the minute you took it out of the car dealer’s lot. You invested your time, energy and money preparing for the sale…..but you don’t want to do the same for your house…. That simply doesn’t make sense!

Your property is probably the most important asset that never ceases increasing in value and your municipal tax evaluation can confirm that. It would be ludicrous to not invest time, energy and a bit of money to prepare your property for sale. Preparing your “merchandise” for sale is your best tool for selling your property quickly and at the highest possible price. 

Professional Home Staging is an investment, not an expense! A survey conducted in 2009 underlines the fact that 82% of real estate agents and brokers recommend home staging because the return on the investment is 586%! That’s right – read it again – the return on investment of home staging is FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX PERCENT! Even the lotto doesn’t give you those odds! When you consider that a professional home staging will cost you between 1% and 2% of the market value of the property, you’ll be laughing all the way to sign your documents at the notary public’s office and then on to the bank! 

So let’s do the math: if your property is worth two-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars ($250,000.00), you can invest as little as two-thousand-five-hundred dollars ($2,500.00), for a possible return on your investment of fourteen-thousand-six-hundred-fifty dollars ($14 650.00)!   

Let’s do a bit more math: If you don’t stage your home professionally and your property sits and stagnates on the market, your real estate professional, seeing his or her mandate come to a close, will suggest that you reduce your asking price, often by $5,000 thousand dollars. At 6% commission, your real estate agent loses 300$ and you lose $4,700.00 without the possibility of getting any of it back. Now keep in mind that a professional home staging often costs much less than a reduction in asking price. Are you really willing to risk losing that much? 

And what if your house is for sale for months and months? What happens? Well, we all know the property will become stigmatised. Think about the last time you looked at a home for sale in the winter and the pictures online of the home were taken in the summer….. You wonder what’s wrong with the house because it hasn’t sold……right? And what if you made an offer on another home, conditional to selling the one you already have? Will you lose your dream home because you can’t sell yours? Even worse, what if you bought a new house without such a condition… you may have to make two mortgage payments every month until you sell your old house! That’s when you really lose money…. And if you’re in the market for a home, you know, you simply know you’ll be making a lower offer for a home that’s been on the market for months, right?

A recent study discovered that a professionally staged home spent 83% less time on the market than a home that wasn’t staged – staged homes sell on average in 29 days as opposed to an average of 145 days for homes that haven’t been staged to sell! It’s easy now to see why Home Staging has existed elsewhere in the world since 1972! Professional Home Staging is finally here to stay in Quebec… Thank goodness!
Article and photos courtesy of Diva Decors ReDesign and Home Staging

Diva Decors ReDesign & Home Staging is a Quebec based company specialising in Home Staging and ReDesign services and training since 2005. The president of the company, Pauline Stevens, was trained in Home Staging both in the United States and in Canada and holds various diplomas and certificates in Home Staging as well as display and visual presentation. To know more about Home Staging, to advance your Real Estate career, for a new career in Home Staging or to hire a professional Home Stager or ReDesigner, contact Diva Decors ReDesign & Home Staging at: or 418 806-6374.

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