Homosexual Men Will Soon Be Able to Give Blood

Homosexual Men Will Soon Be Able to Give Blood

It’s about time, and why has this taken so long?

The good news is that:

Homosexual Men Will Soon Be Able to Give Blood

and that:

Hema-Québec Asks to Reduce Exclusion Period

Health Canada has allowed the organization to reduce the period of exclusion, which was initially permanent to a period of five years after the last sexual act.

“We recognize that many people will agree that this change does not go far enough. However, given the history of the blood system in Canada, we consider it as a cautious, but crucial first step,” said Dana Divine, Vice President of Medical and Scientific Research at CBS.

Men who have had sex with another man are considered high risk of transmitting infectious diseases such as Aids.

The Company is also committed to reevaluate this policy over time when new technologies or new information becomes available.

Elsewhere in the world, the standards for the practice have diverged. Several countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, have adopted an exclusion period of a year, while the United States has decided to continue with a permanent exclusion.

Besides CBS, Hema-Quebec has also asked Health Canada to reduce the period of exclusion.
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