Horror and Fear on the Plains of Abraham

Horror and Fear on the Plains of Abraham

 With every October day that goes by, we are brought closer to Halloween and its long-awaited frights and scares.

Even today, it is possible to have a taste of the horror and fear by simply taking a stroll down the Plains of Abraham.

Every year, the Jeanne D’Arc garden is adorned with decorations for the occasion: tombs, a prison, pumpkins, skeletons.

You will most likely meet a ghost!

But not just any ghost, it will inevitably be one of the many characters who have helped shape the history of the Plains of Abraham. The event is free and takes place both day and night.

In the same place from 12 noon to 4.30pm, it will be possible to meet the players of the Quebec Bulldogs, who will delight children (and certainly the older) by immersing them in their history.

These resurrected hockey players will be accompanied by soldiers from the Martello Tower, who also have a story to tell about their past. Inflatable games, a mini-train and a fantastic rally are also planned.

Not too far from the Joan of Arc Garden, at the Martello Tower 2, the bravest can enter the maze of the haunted tower. And why not succumb to the urge of wearing a ghastly tattoo or enjoy an amazingly tasty sweet? All this happiness is offered to you for a cost of only $2 per person over 5 years old.

Martello Tower 2 will also hold an activity at 5pm that will make you shiver: a bewitched tour.

By following Abraham Martin and Marguerite, and with other spells and incantations, you will solve all the mysteries that haunt the park.

To participate, a reservation is required by calling 418-649-6157 

Cost: $8 for ages 5-12, $10 for adults.
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