Horses saved at Centre équestre Ste-Foy barn fire

Horses saved at Centre équestre Ste-Foy barn fire

Ste-Foy (Quebec) 17 February 2015 – A fire broke out at the long established Centre équestre Ste-Foy on Rang Ste-Ange Monday morning and due to the bravery of the owner’s daughter, the 28 horses that were inside were saved from the burning barn.

It all started around 7 am when Laurie Brousseau, 20, the daughter of Alix Turmel, the owner, saw the smoke and immediately thought of getting the horses out of their stables as quickly and safely as possible.

When the fire department arrived on the scene they expressed their concern and suggested that it was too dangerous to enter the building but, Laurie Brousseau was having no part of their concern.

Insisting to save the horses, the fire chief finally gave in to her demand once they started hosing down the building.

She explained that it would only take about five minutes to empty the barn of all its animals, including two cats. Once the stalls are open, horses will usually follow each other outside.

As the owners of the horses started arriving they were expecting the worst. Seeing the building in flames they were convinced that the horses hadn’t made it out.

With the help of other neighbours and local horse people the saved horses all found a place to stay for the time being until a new stable can be found where they can all come back together.

The cause of the fire is unknown at the time of posting.

Centre équestre Ste-Foy offers, lessons, boarding, and training for young equestrian students from around the area including for l’école Cardinal Roy’s sport-école program.

The owner of the stables, Alix Turmel, who was in Florida at the time, jumped on a plane for Quebec City as soon as she heard the news.

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