Hot Yoga in Quebec – Yoga Prana Studio

Hot Yoga in Quebec – Yoga Prana Studio

By Isabelle Soucy

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a curious by-passer, this yoga studio is for you.

Develop your endurance, flexibility, and peace of mind by practicing various types of yoga in one of two yoga rooms heated at 40 degrees situated on the fourth floor of the Ste-Foy Pyramid.    

This yoga studio offers a wide array of yoga courses and difficulty levels, lead by a variety of experienced yoga instructors with particularly charming personalities.

Yoga Styles: The studio offers various yoga classes:

Power Yoga:

Slow Flow
: An ideal style of Hatha power Yoga for beginners or for a refresh. The pace is slightly slower than the Power Flow sessions, with detailed explanations for the postures and sequences. This is also the style in the Power Yoga category in which reaching a meditation state is more easily accomplished.

Power Flow 1: A muscular and cardiovascular training involving a sustained rhythm of yoga sequences. A guaranteed challenge that will improve your endurance, flexibility, core strength and mental serenity.   

Power Flow 1.5: This next style in the Power Yoga category builds on the poses seen in the Power Flow 1 sessions and suggests more challenging variations.

Power Flow 2: This is the most advanced level in the Power Yoga series. Be ready to test your limits with a quicker pace, balance poses, headstands, and poses that get your heart pumping and your muscles shaking!

Yin: Yin yoga is slow-paced session composed of sustained stretching poses to relax muscles and ligaments at their deepest level. It facilitates body-consciousness and allows focus on one’s inner self in a world submersed by external stimuli. One session of Yin yoga is both an opportunity to reach a meditational calmness that will carry-over to the rest of your day (and with practice, can generalize into a general state of mind) and a precious gift to your body leaving you with the same sensation as a deep-tissue massage.

And more: The Hot Yoga Prana Studio offers additional opportunities during the year, such as handstand lessons and thematic workshops such as stress management workshops and meditation workshops. Access the website for information on the special opportunities available.

The Heat is on: It is no secret that yoga provides a wealth of health benefits. Practicing yoga in a heated environment adds to these benefits by exponentially amplifying the cardiovascular challenge of yoga and by facilitating muscular flexibility.

Ambiance. A comfortable, soothing atmosphere permeates the studio and embellishes the yoga experience. Relishing from its location on the utmost level of the Pyramid, both rooms offer a breathtaking view of the city. What’s better than relishing the natural wonders of the sunset as you mindfully execute a Sun-Salutation sequence?  

Price. Various payment options are offered and the price of one session varies accordingly. A regular, one-time class costs $16, or $14 for full-time students; however, pre-paid blocks of classes can be purchased (blocks of 5, 10, 20 or 30 classes), which reduces the cost of individual classes. These prepaid blocks of classes have no expiry date. Alternatively, monthly subscriptions are available to allow for unlimited yoga classes. Additionally, seasonal promotions are offered regularly to offer discounted classes, and first-timers can enjoy a financially-appealing initiation package (two classes for 20$, mat and towel included).    

Schedule and drop-in option: The studio offers classes seven days a week (even during holidays), with four to eight options for styles and times every day. Most classes take place in the evening (between 4pm and 9pm), although Power Flow classes are given every day at noon, and there are also classes at 10:15 on most mornings. Classes are 60-70 minutes long. A very interesting asset of the studio is its open-door drop-in concept: If you feel like attending a class, you simply show up 15 minutes prior to the class that interests you, sign in, and enjoy the Zen sweat session.  You need not register ahead of time for a particular session or course. This is particularly useful for people who enjoy or need flexibility in their schedules. Furthermore, you can experiment all the different styles available without needing to commit to a particular style. This mix-and-match concept is the antidote to routine and the key to fostering excitement, challenge, and self-growth.

Sport apparel boutique: The reception area is lined with Lululemon athletica and Tonic clothing and accessories for sale which are tailored for yoga practice and running. This is the only place to purchase Lululemon apparel in the Quebec region.    

Subjective experience. Be it your first try or your hundredth time, the yoga instructors make you feel as though you are a precious piece of the studio and yoga realm. The culture of the studio breathes acceptance, support, and unconditional friendliness. Yoga promotes self-challenge, self-respect, as well as an inward focus that complements the hectic life we otherwise carry on.  It is no exaggeration to state that the overall experience at Hot Yoga Prana Studio fosters physical endurance, self-confidence, self-awareness, and peace of mind in a way that few activities can compare, which makes it well worth giving it the chance to convince you!   

If you go:

Do bring a bottle of water.

Do bring a small towel to wipe off your sweat during the yoga session, and perhaps a bath towel for a rewarding shower following your mental and physical efforts.

Do arrive at least 15 minutes early (or more if it is your first time) to sign in, change, and settle into the heat of the yoga studio.

Do respect your body but challenge it comfortably!

Studio information:

Address: 2360 Chemin Sainte-Foy (in the Ste-Foy Pyramid),
4th floor (door 460 for check-in and information) 

Phone number: 418-265-YOGA (9642) 

Website: Hot Yoga Quebec 

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