How about taking the kids on a ‘Spring Break’ movie spree at the FCEQ?

How about taking the kids on a ‘Spring Break’ movie spree at the FCEQ?

By Job Patstone

You could call it the QCFFF, (Quebec City Family Film Festival) but its real name is Le Festival de Cinema en Famille de Quebec (FCEQ) and its taking place at Quebec City’s most international movie theater known as ‘Le Clap’ in Ste. Foy.

If you don’t already know the Clap, it’s where we can see movies from all over the world in different languages sometimes with French sub-titles or sometimes not. The same rules apply for the FCEQ but with films directed towards family viewing, which includes kids from 3 years old to young adults.

This is the seventh edition of the Family Film Festival which runs this year from March 1st to March 11th, and includes 81 films from 22 different countries. The festival also includes some workshops where kids (and their parents) can learn how movies are made, how to create a storyboard, and even get a history lesson on where the ideas of Superman, and Batman came from.

Some of the activities take place in other locales such as the Musée des beaux Arts de Quebec, for a special pyjama, popcorn and movie night and the Imperial Theater on rue St. Joseph where you can try your skills at ‘improvisation’.

Some movies are presented in their original language with French sub-titles. There is also a special presentation of movies (short films) with no dialog which of course can accommodate anyone of any language but since most of the movies are animated ‘dubbing’ is not necessarily an issue.

Le Clap has set up some special ‘package deals’ that can get you and your kids into the movies with a ‘jug of popcorn’ at some very reasonable prices, and of course the more you are, the better the deal.

So if you’re looking for something for the kids to do during that ‘spring break’ this may be just the ticket (pun intended). You may not be able to go skiing, or you may not be able to go skating, or even play hockey, but you can always go to the movies and this would be the opportune time to do that. Parking is free at the Clap and it’s right on the 807 bus line.

The whole week’s program; which movies presented on what days and times, and the different ‘workshops’ can all be found at


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