How Much for the Roller?

How Much for the Roller?

Quebec-auto-show-F1-carHow much for that Rolls at the Quebec City car show?

by Job Patstone

Like most major centres, Quebec City has its annual ‘car show’ which comes around every year in the month of March just in time for spring tempting everyone, from 10 year olds to Grandpas, to go out and see what’s new on the market in the automobile industry, and some people are very passionate about it. Although this edition can’t be compared to Detroit or Switzerland, it does have a little bit of everything for the local car enthusiast. There are cars from 1930 and others just off the assembly line, all shined up and looking their best to be ogled at by would be buyers or even the curious onlookers, and there are people actually paid to just polish those cars and keep them fingerprint free.

The local show this year, besides all the usual brands, including Ferrari, was highlighted by the presence of the more prestigious British Marques such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lotus and Rolls Royce. These particular posh names had never come to Quebec City in the past, so it was a treat to be able to examine these beauties right up close, but not too close, as they were cordoned off in a fashion to be only looked at from a certain distance, guaranteeing a “look but don’t touch” policy. The models exhibited can only be bought in Montreal, but if you have enough money to own one of them, you probably have enough money to organize a maintenance plan which includes the travel between the two cities. Jaguar also presented its new F-Type sports car, which happily will be available right here at the local Jaguar-Land Rover dealer.

Quebec-auto-show-electric-carAs had already mentioned and as seen in other shows of this kind these days, the electric car was also very prominent together with the different means of using them and charging them to keep them running. Hydro Quebec had a full scale model of how their recharging system operates and already has a good number of these units installed around the Province. Myself, being a more conservative or maybe “old fashioned” car enthusiast, I would never buy one, but talking to some of the younger buyers it appears that these vehicles have a certain attraction, either for their environmental charm, or that they’re simply the cars of the future as gas and oil become more rare.  Models such as the Mitsubishi MIEV, the Nissan LEAF and of course the GM Volt were all on display, although not attracting the crowds that perhaps the manufacturers would prefer to see. There is one electric vehicle however that is selling well and is far superior to the others; the Fiskar Karma, shown here in blue. Fiskar only makes electric cars and they are far more beautiful, far quicker, and far more powerful than any others on the market. The roof is one big solar panel that keeps charging the car as you drive and its range exceeds the 450km mark which is twice as far as its closest rival, the GM Volt. The Volt however costs around $50,000.00CDN as compared to the Fiskar’s $130,000.00. The Fiskar is a popular car among the American California crowd and one is considered stylish if seen driving one.

Quebec-auto-show-Bentley-orangeAnother interesting display was from a company called G1TOUR.Com, an enterprise that offers licensed drivers the chance to take a Lamborghini or a Ferrari for a spin around a designated racetrack for a distance of 6km. While I was there they sold five passes in about ten minutes, so it is obviously a popular item, and yes I was tempted. I’m just afraid the car would be too powerful for me even though they walk you through the track and explain everything very precisely, and if you’re hesitant, there’s  Sebastien Vettel’s Red Bull Formula 1 race car on display right next door for encouragement.

The show closes at 5pm Sunday, March 10 at the Centre de Foire, so there’s still time to catch it and admission is only $14 plus $8 if you want to park on site. There is a shopping centre close by which allows you to park for free if you don’t mind walking a couple of blocks.

Oh, and that Rolls BTW has a sticker price of $330,000.00 CDN.

Enjoy the show.

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