How to find love in a small Quebec town

How to find love in a small Quebec town

Sept-Îles (Quebec) 2 June 2015 – Cruising or bar hopping can be difficult in a small town since you’ll probably meet up with someone you know or even a member of your family, because in a small town everybody knows everybody.

Due to the local mentality and the exposure one gets from trying to find the right partner in a small city
environment, the situation is made even more difficult by the limited number of candidates available.

For this reason Amélie Larose who lives in Sept-Îles, has set up a local on-line dating service which can connect people without having to go to the nearest town to try and meet someone different than those from their own neighbourhood.

She calls her dating service Cupidon Sept-Îles and hopes it will help the singles generation in Sept-Iles and Port Cartier (two smaller cities up the north coast) find a mate with whom they can enter into a solid relationship.

Mme Larose explains that a lot of people are still afraid to post their requests on-line or to even use the internet as a meeting place but, with her expertise and her personal touch she hopes to break that barrier. Mme Larose spends a couple of hours with each client on a personal basis to help the person find someone who would be suitable for him or her.

Mme Larose herself moved from Montreal to Sept-Îles to establish a family.

Happy hunting.

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