How to illegally slow down Quebec traffic, or not

How to illegally slow down Quebec traffic, or not

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 June 2015 – A group of citizens concerned about the speed at which cars were driving down their street took matters into their own hands this week and decided to install some signs that resemble those where the Ministry of Transport has set up photo-radar cameras.

The green signs with a camera and the words “VITESSE” in capital letters written on them were installed on several street corners by the Comité populaire Saint-Jean-Baptiste, a group of concerned citizens who want to slow down the traffic which drives by their local school. Since 2005 there have been 63 pedestrians and 15 cyclists who have had incidences involving vehicles.

According to the spokesperson for the Comité, Nicolas Lefefbvre Legault, the speeding in the area has been a problem for years and although the residents have been complaining, nothing to slow the traffic down has been implemented. The group thought that by putting up these signs they would notice a difference but, unfortunately the signs were not in place long enough for the residents to notice any reduction in speed by the passing motorists.

The police department removed the signs during the night as they were illegally installed. There are no photo-radar cameras in the area and notifying drivers of a false presence was defeating the purpose for the areas where there are.
Signs concerning traffic and speed warnings are controlled by the Code de la Sécurité routière, (Highway safety Code) and any signs installed illegally, is an offence of the code.

No penalties will be handed out to the Comité populaire Saint-Jean-Baptiste, as there is no specific punishment for such infractions.

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