Ice fishing project for Bassin Louise

Ice fishing project for Bassin Louise

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 March, 2015 – Ever thought of going ice fishing but didn’t want to travel out of town to try it? It appears your dream has come true in the form of an Ice Village which will be built on the ice during a couple winter months in the Bassin Louise, just in front of the Marché du Vieux Port.

The idea comes from a M. Jean Desjardins who already has such a project underway in Montreal and has been in operation for four years now. The idea would be to have little heated cabins which could accommodate kids and parents alike together with some slides and a skating rink which would make the little village an attraction for locals and tourists at the same time.

M. Desjardins sees a huge possibility and even ventures to say that it could be bigger than the Montreal installations if the port authorities come on board, which it appears they will.

There was a trial run this past weekend and the turnout was good considering there was little advertising to promote the idea. A regular local fisherman turned up to try out the offerings and was surprised to see the number of trout that were caught by those giving it a go for the first time.

If all goes well the little Ice Village could be up and running by next winter and the promoter is hoping to see a good turnout for its first year of operation. The length of time the village will stay operational will, as usual, be determined by Mother Nature of course.

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