If you can’t make in TV, try politics

If you can’t make in TV, try politics

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 April 2015 – There seems to be a fad going on in Quebec City where TV personalities, who either don’t like what they’re doing, or are afraid to lose their jobs, or maybe just want a career change, are offering themselves up to political parties.

There are two provincial level by-elections coming up this summer in the city and two of the candidates who are presenting their services for one of the ridings are both from the local TV network TVA. In the riding of Chauveau, Véronyque Tremblay, 41 will be running for the Liberals and Jocelyne Cazin will be running for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ).

Both women will be vying for a spot in the National Assembly left vacant by another candidate Gérard Deltell who had left another TV chain, TQS to enter politics. Mr Deltell is leaving to try his hand at winning a seat in the next Federal election expected in the fall of this year.

Whichever ex-TV personality wins, she will be sharing her workplace with several other ex-media employees who made the switch from TV to politics in recent years. People like Christine St. Pierre from Radio Canada, Bernard Drainville from Radio Canada, Nathalie Roy from TVA and François Paradis also from TVA.

Of course they’re not really leaving TV, because now they can strut their stuff on the provincial governments own television channel staring on a reality show called Quebec Politics.

As for the other by-election in Jean Talon, recently left vacant by Yves Bolduc, so far no ex-TV personality has shown up.

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