If you think Quebec police officers don’t use their guns very often then think again.

If you think Quebec police officers don’t use their guns very often then think again.

Main pic: Glock 32 Gen 4 .357 SIG. Photo credit: Shootclub

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 June 2015 – It’s rare we see a police officer fire a gun at someone here in Quebec or use his or her gun for protection but, those firearms get a lot more use than we think. The Sûreté du Québec just placed a two year order for 3 million 9mm bullets to use in their Glock pistols for target practice and general firearms training.

Part of a police officers’ training is learning how to handle and fire a 9mm pistol which is followed up by a special annual practice for every officer in all of Quebec’s 31 police forces at all levels.

The SQ itself uses approximately 1.5 million bullets a year for its shooting ranges to keep its officers up to date and familiar with their weapons. That’s about 240 bullets per officer in a force of 5,762 members. A Glock pistol can fire a lot of rounds in a few seconds and 200 bullets can easily be used up in a days’ practice. Every agent in the SQ carries a gun, whether it be a patrol officer or an investigator, there are few exceptions.

In theory, every SQ agent who possesses a weapon is supposed to show up for an annual practice at the Nicolet firing range but, there is an attendance rate of only 80%. The 20% of no-shows are usually due to sickness or pregnancies.

In the city of Montreal the attendance rate was only 5% in 2013, which is a concern for the SQ and the city itself. In Quebec City the attendance rate is 97%.

There are 257 target shooting monitors in Quebec who are posted for two week intervals at Nicolet for the annual shooting practice and training of the 31 different levels of police authorities throughout the province.

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