Immigrants choosing to stay in Quebec City

Immigrants choosing to stay in Quebec City

Main pic: The Ville de Québec, in Quebec (Canada) from Lévis at Twilight. Photo credit: Martin St-Amant.

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 July 2015 – More and more of the new immigrants who are arriving in Quebec City are deciding to stay here instead of leaving after six months for other parts of the country. Up until 2008 most of the new arrivals would stay awhile and then find their way to Montreal or Toronto because of lack of work or because of relatives living in those other cities.

There has been a turnaround however since that date and in 2014 it was calculated that 81% of the new citizens have taken up permanent residence in the city which is on a par with Montreal.

Mayor Labeaume is happy with the new figures, and is glad to see that his city is able to give a friendly welcome and find jobs for people from other places. The recent celebrations at the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) underlined this fact by having music and dance from different countries. Quebec City welcomes about 3,500 to 4,000 new immigrants every year.

Apart from those who choose to come here from afar there are also those who arrive as refugees from countries where their lives are in danger and in turn need special services. There are two organizations in the city which help these refugees. One is R.I.R.E. (Raprochement, Integration, Raptrappage, and Eveil) 2000 and the other is Motiveaction Jeunesse.

For the mayor, immigrants and refugees are two different categories and the needs of both are very different. Most immigrants arrive here with money and a good education whereas the refugees usually have little money and need to be helped in a more strategic manner.

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