Immigrants to Quebec Lose Everything

Immigrants to Quebec Lose Everything


Around thirty immigrants in Québec lost everything they own in a fire, late Wednesday night last week.

In total, more than 80 people were or still are affected.  Because of the flames of the fire, the buildings next door needed to be evacuated.  Some of the residents of these buildings were able to enter their residences faster than others, because of the damages caused by water or smoke.

The fire started in the kitchen of one of the eight units in a building on rue Bouchette at around 10:45pm.  The fourth alarm was quickly heard, because the fire burned through the walls.

Many tenants are immigrants from Nepal who hardly speak a word of French.  They didn’t have insurance.  The luckiest among them left the building with a few articles of clothing.

‘’Very quickly, many residents found themselves in the street without clothes, some with bare feet’’, explained a spokesperson for the Service des incendies for the city of Québec.

‘’At the last minute, I had to wake up my children and we had to run from the building, without any pieces of identity, without anything.  We left everything inside.  I am happy that I saved my children.  That is what is most important’’, explained one of the residents.

Seeing the disaster, the neighbours rushed to help the residents, inviting them into their own places, where it was warm.

‘’There were around fifteen children without housing, without clothes, in their pyjamas outside.  We invited them in.  There was a baby, at least a year old, in a diaper’’, explained a neighbour.

The residents were taken care of by members of the Red Cross association.  The multicultural association of Limoilou will also offer them support.

In total, three people were taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.  One person was stuck on the second floor and the rescuers of the Service des incendies had to use a tall ladder to save her.

The fire fighters had to take precaution that night, because the fire was so powerful.

It wasn’t until around 4:10am that the fire was under control, thanks to the 50 fire fighters who dealt with the flames.

The damage done is calculated at approximately $700,000.  The building was totally destroyed.

There is an investigation taking place to determine the cause of the fire.
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