In-Vitro restrictions causing concern in Quebec

In-Vitro restrictions causing concern in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 February 2015 – With everything that’s going on in the provincial health care restructuration these days, you wouldn’t think that In-Vitro fertilisation would be an issue, but for the president of the Association for Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Quebec (AOGQ) it has become one.

According to the president of the organisation, Dr. Isabelle Girard, the announcement last year that the government was going to stop paying for the service for women over 42 years old has got her and her association all riled up.

Quebec is one of a rare body that actually pays for In-Vitro fertilisation with public money and it is a costly one.

Dr. Barrette, the Health minister for the province declared that the government would no longer pay for the service for women who are over 42, limiting the funds to women from 18 to 41.

It has now been declared by the minister that seeking such services over the age of 42 would actually become illegal with a certain punishment prescribed.

The president of the AOGQ, calls the move an attack on freedom for women, comparing it to the fight women had to obtain the right to vote, back in the forties. She claims that 5% of women in Quebec give birth after the age of 40 adding that a lot of women in their forties are in better health than many of the women in their thirties.

The minister on the other hand, who is a doctor himself, claims the risks and dangers of women having children over 42 years old is much higher and could have complications for the government in the future.

The subject is a complicated one, as In-Vitro fertilisation is somewhat of a last resort for women who cannot become pregnant by normal means.

The issue came up during the hearings going on in the legislature between the doctors and the government as to the future changes to the health care system under bill 20.

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