Insults Over Mining Investments Suspend Parliamentary Session

Insults Over Mining Investments Suspend Parliamentary Session

Insults were thrown around at the National Assembly on Thursday over mining investment reports. The National Assembly’s President, Jacques Chagnon, even had to suspend the court at the beginning of the question section in the morning. This heavy parliamentary session is coming to an end and the MPs are tired from all the work and are more and more frustrated.

The chief of the opposition, the liberal Jean-Marc Fournier, set his point from the start by blaming Pauline Marois for deforming the reality. In the mining investment case, he asked for a Prime Minister that says the truth rather than providing false advertisements.

A massive breakout followed and the president had to suspend court to talk with the parliament group leaders to regain calm. When everyone was back, a new directive was underlined stating that when someone is talking, all must respect this person like all must respect one another. Only a few minutes later, the former financial minister, Raymond Bachand, failed to conform. Again, Jacques Chagnon jumped on his feet to stop the fight but, Mr. Bachand didn’t stop.

The parliamentary session is over for summer in five days.

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