International Women’s Day Attacks Austerity in Québec

International Women’s Day Attacks Austerity in Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 March 2015 – To mark International Women’s Day, feminist groups banded together today in protest against the government’s ongoing policy of austerity measures.  Starting their march at the Parc de l’Amérique Française, the group walked down rue Cartier to finish on Rue Saint-Jean.

Protesting the government’s budget cuts to education, pre-school care, healthcare, and other services, the group wanted to highlight how these cuts will disproportionately hurt women, who are traditionally those who carry the burden of these needs when the state scales back its services.  In a recent study published by IRIS, an independent social research group, government budget cuts since 2008 have had their hardest impact on women, while measures undertaken by the government to spur economic growth have mostly favoured men.  This, according to protesters and IRIS itself, doubly penalises women and reinforces gender divisions in the economy.

Protesters in today’s march had made their itinerary known to the police and were festive and peaceful.  Annick Papillon, federal NDP MP for the riding, was also present.  The feminists in today’s march are hoping that their activities will spur awareness and discussion on how austerity measures are disproportionately affecting women.

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