Irate traveller punches agent at Jean Lesage Airport and goes free

Irate traveller punches agent at Jean Lesage Airport and goes free

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 September 2015 – Monday of this week a passenger arriving on a domestic flight and obviously upset about something took the liberty during a verbal row with a federal agent at the airport to punch the agent in the face.

The man was on his way to a vehicle which was waiting for him in a zone reserved for taxis. The taxi dispatcher asked the lady who was driving the car to move her vehicle because the space was needed for the taxis who would be picking up the new arrivals who had just arrived at the airport on the same flight as the irate customer.

The individual started yelling at the dispatcher and when a federal agent arrived on the scene to try and calm the situation, the man “socked” him in the face. A witness was also told at the same time to “shut-up and not say a word” by the obnoxious unidentified man.

Several security agents arrived on the scene but no one could make an arrest as they do not have the authority to do so. Security agents are mostly in place to keep the peace in and around the airport, but have no arresting capacities.

The traveller got into the waiting vehicle and sped off without anyone stopping him or even holding him for questioning.

Police were called in and arrived three hours after the incident to make a report. The question now is just how secure is our airport. If the situation had been more serious who and what procedures are in place to stop and arrest an individual who becomes uncontrollable.

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