Irene Halikas, Psychotherapist

Irene Halikas, Psychotherapist

Irene Halikas, Psychotherapist: The Hakomi Method and IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy)

Irene Halikas is a Quebec City psychotherapist specializing in body-centered psychotherapy.

Her practice includes individuals, couples and groups.

Irene Halikas is a certified therapist in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and one of eleven certified Hakomi  practitioners in the province of Quebec.

What is Hakomi?  Hakomi therapy is an experiential therapy that was developed by Ron Kurtz in the early 1970’s in the U.S.A. 

Hakomi involves the client in a process of assisted self-discovery through mindfulness.  The focus is on exploring ourselves and noticing how we have organized our lives.

Through the Hakomi method, clients become aware of habits and core beliefs that influence their daily lives, cause unnecessary suffering and prevent them from becoming the whole person they are meant to be.

By creating an atmosphere of loving presence, Irene Halikas can accompany you in that exciting discovery process.

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Tel: (418) 648-2651

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