Is Attitude to Entrepreneurship Changing?

Is Attitude to Entrepreneurship Changing?

Quebec is weak in entrepreneurship? Not from what we can see.

Talk to the Quebec Local Development Centre (CLD) about it. Every day, its information agents receive calls from at least a dozen people who are juggling with the idea to launch their business.

It gives an idea of the positive atmosphere that reigns in Quebec. The CLD Director General, Jacques Fiset, reveals that 51% of the clientele he represents, for many, the entrance in the entrepreneurship world is composed of people aged from 18 to 35-years old.

You are young. You have a crazy idea. Go see them, they’ll listen to you.

Accompanied by the CLD president, Stephan Lepage, Fiset revealed on Thursday the organization’s activities from 2012.

In total, about 3,577 people asked for CLD’s information services. The information meeting attracted 716 participants.

Jacques Fiset says that more and more, young promoters come to the CLD not to come with the idea of starting one, but to buy one. It is a good thing when thinking about the aging of owners who often don’t have replacement. Women represent 38% of the CLD’s clientele and the percentage has been on the increase since 2002.

Is it because of the particular economic climate in Quebec or the dynamism it brings to the population, but never has entrepreneurship been so present in the Capital? It is a trend. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to do it.

It is even present in elementary schools and it is a good thing. This is changing the Quebec culture towards entrepreneurship.

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