Is Crashed Ice coming back to Quebec City?

Is Crashed Ice coming back to Quebec City?

Edmonton (Alberta), Quebec City (Quebec) March 23, 2015 – Red Bull’s Crashed Ice event has always been held in Quebec City up until this past season when it was held in Edmonton, Alberta for the first time. Edmonton however, isn’t too sure if they want to hold the event every year or alternate with another city.

The city wants to evaluate the financial repercussions before making a statement as to the frequency the competition could be held in the Albertan Capital city. According to Mr. Scott McKeen, an Edmonton city councillor who was interviewed by Le Soleil newspaper recently, the event attracted about 70,000 people but didn’t necessarily attract any financial benefits other than for some local restaurants and nightclubs.

The cost of hosting the race was around $1 million, which was shared by the city and the province but, the return on that investment wasn’t what the city had expected.

Mr. McKeen went on to say that he doesn’t think the city would want to host the event every year, meaning it could be alternated with other cities including Quebec City, where the whole show started.

He emphasized the “show” part, because that’s really what it is; a show, controlled and directed by Red Bull for promotional and revenue gains.

Where the “Crashed Ice” will take place in 2016 is up for grabs, but Patrice Drouin, the Quebec City organizer for the sport, knows that Quebec City is on the short list, and hopes to see it come back to his city within the near future.

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