Is Massif de Charlevoix to be Club Med Ski Resort?

Is Massif de Charlevoix to be Club Med Ski Resort?

The North American Club Med president, Xavier Mufraggi, has not chosen between the various sites for a new club – yet.

Other than the Massif de Charlevoix, potential ski village partners are in the United States in Colorado, Utah, and California.

According to Mufraggi, a decision will be made this year to choose the site of the first Club Med ski village in North America. In the next five years, Mufraggi would like to have a second ski village in North America.

In Europe, Club Med has 18 ski villages, most of them in the French Alps and in Switzerland. At the beginning of his selection process, the Club Med preselected 40 potential destinations in North America. After a first tour, four partners remained including the Massif de Charlevoix.

A negotiation letter was signed with the Massif management team. The arrival of Club Med in Charlevoix would allow it to integrate more than 300 rooms and ensure an international visibility as well as an increase of visitors in winter.

The activities of this ski village at the Massif would be managed by both the Massif and Club Med, a common investment that could reach the $100 M mark.

The Club Med uses this business model because it allows it to be more flexible by making associations with locals businesses, which manage the hotel construction and ensure a good quality.
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