Is participation waning for entertainment business in Quebec

Is participation waning for entertainment business in Quebec

Main pic: Situé sur le terrain d’Expo-Cité dans le quartier Limoilou, le Colisée Pepsi est le haut lieu du hockey dans la Capitale Québécoise. Inauguré en 1949, il est le 5ième aréna majeur construit au Québec. Photo credit: Eric Fortin.

There’s no business like show business. Or maybe there is…

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 July 2015 – Ever since Statistiques Québec started keeping figures on show business attendance in the city it appears the numbers for 2014 are disappointing. Despite some big names that gave shows at the old Colisée and at the Pavillon de Jeunesse the total attendance in 2014 for all the entertainment venues was down by 123,000 spectators resulting in a revenue decrease of $7.4 million.

According to figures published by Le Soleil, of the 1815 different shows presented during the year in 2014, a total of 833,698 people showed up to see them as compared to the previous year where 956,673 ticket holders came out to support their favorite entertainers.

It should be noted that these figures could be construed as somewhat skewed when taking into consideration that Festival d’Eté de Québec passes are not included in the stats compiled by Statistiques Québec. This is because they are valid for the whole festival and not just one particular show. In 2012 the results were good because of two stand alone shows on the Plaines of Abraham – Roger Waters and Madonna bringing the total for that year up to 1,173,206 spectators.

From 2004 when the stats were first calculated, to 2009 the entertainment industry brought in between $31 and $34 million to the city’s coffers and from 2009 to 2013 the revenue has hovered around $38 million. In comparison, the revenue for 2014 was only $31,027,138 million.

The city hopes to have better results for 2015 as the new Centre Videotron will be up and running and the group AC/DC will be performing in the city.

The first show at the new arena by Metallica is a sell out.

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