Is Quebec City North America’s Best Kept Secret?

Is Quebec City North America’s Best Kept Secret?

Everyone living here in the region knows that Quebec City is North America’s best kept secret, but now Forbes magazine have waded in and confirmed it.

Beautiful, inviting, entertaining, and… much less expensive than Paris.

Quebec is ranked second in the world by Forbes magazine in the least expensive destinations category. It is surpassed only by Lisbon in Portugal.

Travelling to Quebec on Canadian dollars works out around 30% less than Euros.

The ambiance, the delicious French cuisine and the architecture within the old capital’s walls resemble France. There are also many attractions such as the Carnival, the carriage and funicular rides which give an extraordinary bird’s eye view of the city for just a few dollars.

There are many more activities, beautiful and delicious restaurants, and so much more to see.

In the top five affordable destinations, Quebec is followed by Roatàn in Honduras, Albuquerque in New Mexico, and Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.
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